Ponds and Irrigation

Pond and decking landscaping

If you love the idea of water in your garden, then we will help you make it happen for both you and local wildlife to enjoy. From compact, low-noise water features to big ponds; ultra clear koi ponds to cooling natural swimming ponds; child friendly water features and dipping ponds, let us create something magical for you.

We can also advise on the most environmentally sound ways of reducing water use. Not only can a well designed watering system save you time, hassle, and money, but it can produce the kind of growing results friends and neighbours will envy you for. In our increasingly erratic climate, having automated controls can also mean never having to worry about your plants when you go away. We would urge you to consider a rainwater collecting system for your garden. Your stored water can then be used to water your garden, wash cars, fill ponds and pools, etc. It’s good for the environment, and the pure nature of rainwater is much better all round, as it is soft and doesn’t contain chlorine or lime scale. With a well designed system, you won’t need to worry about a hosepipe ban either.

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