Pools and Garden Features

Sun blinds different heights

We construct and landscape ponds, swimming pools, pergolas, raised beds, water features and many other garden features.

A pond, water or garden feature brings life to a garden and there is nothing like the gentle sound and movement of water to add that sense of tranquility and peace too.

Features like pergolas, sheds, wood and bicycle stores can have a natural feel which blends into your garden, using traditional timber or longer lasting non-wood materials such as recycled plastic wood, steel or even compound materials. We purchase materials from a very wide range of suppliers, so if you have seen it somewhere, we can probably get it for you or have it made.

If your existing shed, flat roof or structure isn’t the prettiest then consider a green roof. These have many environmental benefits besides just looking nice!

Do you want to renovate or update your pool area? As well as updating paving and installing steps, tiling and equipment around existing pools we also work with specialist partners to construct natural pools or convert traditional swimming pools to natural pool systems. (also referred to as swimming ponds).

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