Trees, Lawns, and Plants

Lawn Borders and Soft Landscaping

Beautiful, colourful gardens that create year-round interest don’t happen by accident.

Beautiful garden borders don’t happen by accident. We work with professional garden designers who use their extensive plant knowledge and creative passion to weave a palette of plant texture and colour to suit your desires, favourite colour scheme, local conditions, and your gardening ability.

We use locally grown turf from the very best suppliers. We will match the turf variety to the soil type and growing conditions in your garden and give you the information you need to keep your lawn looking great. If your lawn is just looking tired, we use a range of techniques to address soil problems, improve fertility, and invigorate your turf to get it back to a green, healthy sward once again.

If natural grass just isn’t working for you why not try artificial turf. The latest products give a lush appearance providing a low maintenance, hassle free lawn suitable for the whole family including pets. We will provide samples and help advise you on the most up to date products available to suit your space.

Our knowledge of all things green means we can help you choose and plant trees, including large specimens. Nothing delivers that “wow” factor and “been there for years” feeling like a mature tree. There is almost always a perfect tree for every kind of space and with our specialist knowledge you can definitely avoid the kinds of problems a poor choice will produce in years to come.

Every garden has space for plants that can supply fresh, ripe crops straight to your table. Why not consider incorporating a dedicated vegetable plot, fruit trees/bushes or conveniently located raised beds into your garden?

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